Revolutionise the digital advertising landscape

Blockchain + Programmatic Advertising Platform

Bitcasts Platform Features


  • Pay as you go
  • 30+ cryptocurrency support
  • Easy balance withdraw and daily spend cap

Campaign Setup

  • CPM or CPC pricing
  • Banner and Native campaigns
  • Frequency Capping and retargetting


  • geo targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Dayparking and hyperlocal targeting


  • RT campaign performance
  • Post campaign analysis
  • Ad placement analysis and optimisation

Global Coverage with Premium Publishers


200 Billion Impressions / Month

Deliver your campaigns on websites with big names, such as CBSN News, 247Sports,, and 30,000 more.

Mobile Apps

103 Billion Impressions / Month

Get a better engagement by advertising on mobile devices, phones and tablets. Talking Tom, Angry Birds, and many more.

For Investors

Blockchain is a revolution. It can solve many problems that we see in banking, cyber security, car leasing, and much more today. We are here to pioneer the application of the blockchain technology in the $75 billion dollar global online advertising market, to ultimately address the payment issue, the fraudulent inventory challenge and the transparency concern.

When you invest in us you are pioneering the next generation of advertising technology innovation to see extraordinary results.

Get in touch with us today and hear how we’ll be using blockchain technology to revolutionise the online advertising on a worldwide scale.